Specialist IT Procurement Business selects stephenSMITH

WINCHESTER, Hampshire May 2015 Southern UK based specialist IT Procurement business selects stephenSMITH for strategic marketing consultancy. This well-established and successful business works with most of the best known IT brands in the world providing expertise that helps reduce supply chain complexity. Bridging the gap between high-level  Information Technology & Infrastructure expertise and multiple product supply logistics, this client […]

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Communication concept

stephenSMITH & Starr Consultancy to ‘partner’ with SME business, marketing, M & A, divestment and finance services

WINCHESTER, Hampshire, March 24 2015 stephenSMITH and Starr Consultancy today announce a ‘partnering’ arrangement that teams the strengths of both to provide SMEs with seamless Business and Marketing Strategy & Execution and Corporate Financial services. stephenSMITH and the Starr Consultancy will work together with owners & senior management of small and medium sized enterprises to assist with: integrated […]

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Want to sell, start with a Marketing Plan!

Want to sell? Start with a Marketing Plan!

Without exception, every company I’ve ever worked with has expressed the same sentiment, ‘we want to sell more stuff’. ‘Stuff’ has meant: products, services, solutions, widgets, subscriptions and even businesses. But they don’t always have a marketing plan. The next thing clients say, even the large ones is, ‘we don’t have a big budget, what […]

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Content Marketing Strategy and Marketing Automation - Magic Bullets?

Content Marketing Strategy and Marketing Automation – Magic Bullets?

This year has kicked off well with IT, CCTV and Mobile Communications clients coming on board. Interestingly, all were being drawn to the seductive power of a content marketing strategy, inbound marketing and marketing automation. You know, where you just click an ‘app’, sit back and wait for the hot-qualified-prospects to ‘automatically’ arrive… Magic bullets in marketing […]

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