Builder’s Profile – advise, plan, position, rebrand and website

May/June 2015

Builder’s Profile is a cloud-based construction-industry focused compliance & PQQ solution that collates, improves and maintains supply-chain information.

I was contacted by Builder’s Profile after one of my own marketing eMail’s had struck a chord. “Content!” and “can you help us with it?” asked MD Frank Becker. Well, after a ‘quick’ meeting that lasted most of a morning, they decided on a two-day facilitation & scoping project that helps companies do the ‘we’re here, we want to get there, measure the gap and define an outline strategy’ exercise. The project recommended: plan, position, rebrand and new website as a starter – all to be done in under two months I was told subsequently. The two testimonials define the initial outcomes.

“We had the best sales ever during the week of launching the new brand and achieved more in the two months Steve’s been onboard than we have in the last ten years!” Frank Becker Managing Director

“…And the best sales month ever too!” Paul Long Operations Director