AGD Systems reap the marketing rewards!

A year of driving AGD’s communications as outsource ‘Head of Marketing’ has seen five years of ‘flatlining’ transformed into 20% growth in 2018! A complete marketing overhaul, including segmentation and changing presentation from ‘engineering products’ to ‘easily identified user-focused solutions’ has helped transform performance. Videos for product-solutions, and the company, were included as part of my three-year strategic marketing plan and have demonstrably improved communication – to the benefit of sales.

The results? Says Ian Hind, AGD’s Commercial Director “Marketing momentum is building, pipeline growing and sales measurable increasing. Pipeline value for our focus product set has grown 50% in the year Stephen has been with AGD and his marketing work has well and truly whetted customer appetite for new products. The business is in fact well on target to exceed its ‘ambitious’ growth target for the year [2018].”

Of course it doesn’t hurt that this British business is engineering such high-quality home-grown intellectual property into product solutions that sell all aound the world. And they’re a pleasure to work with too!