Does BrExit mean business, bewilderment or broken marketing?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a BrExiteer or a Remainer, BrExit means bewilderment for most of us – no matter how you capitalise it. But without inexpertly entering the political argument, it must mean more noise, more confusion and more chance that your messages won’t get heard. What this translates to for businesses, is that your marketing must work harder. Your messages must be more easily found than the competitions. Your propositions clearer and more quickly understood. And simpler to act upon.

Just take a moment to view your customers, for example – are they still who you think they are? And will they be where they are now after BrExit? Have a look at your marketing materials & activities – but with the eyes of a prospect. What do they see, does it make sense to them, and does it meet their needs?

Many businesses spend too much time looking ‘down’ at what they’re designing, developing or delivering, when they just need to look ‘up and out’ at their customers, competitors and the market they operate it. Especially at a time like BrExit. So if you think BrExit might mean bewilderment or broken marketing, probably best fix it before it really BrEaks?