Content delivery using compelling whiteboard video

WINCHESTER January 2016 Increasing demand for dynamic content has been driven by the growing preference to view & listen. This means I’m writing and creating white board videos for clients.

The white board video medium is really effective; research evidences this. Indeed, when I wrote and directed a ‘conventional’ video for Panasonic featuring Alexei Sayle, the results were spectacular!

Provided objectives are clearly set and the subject fully understood, the process of: ‘idea, script and visualise’ leads to extremely cost effective content. A defined set of messages are communicated, through an interesting story in a short timeframe. The visually ‘moving’ story really ‘compels’ prospects to see the video through to the end.

For businesses and marketing teams looking for new content delivery mechanisms that deliver great ROI – white board videos are a fantastic solution.

Currently I’ve six videos in production for three different clients, I’ll post some videos in my portfolio section when their campaigns have launched.