THE IT Supplier – repositioning the business

This video was conceived as part of the repositioning project, and communicates exactly what the business is ‘now’ about. The script employs new messaging to make key points and draw existing customer’s & new prospects attention to: ‘what we do’, ‘who we do it for’, ‘and how we do it’. You’ll notice that even the building and door signs in the video depict ‘who we deal with’. There’s no more in the video than there needs to be and everything that’s in there is making a point.

As an experienced marketer I can ensure that everything is on-message, in-brand and integrates effectively with your strategic, tactical and campaign objectives. So for businesses looking for new dynamic content delivery mechanisms that deliver great return-on-investment – white board videos are a fantastic solution. In fact, Kaspersky were so impressed with THEIT Supplier’s video they got me to produce one for them!